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Reviews Tepso:


-By Mr Möbius, L'ORÉAL., Lipikar.

5 / 5

Super fast delivery!
Brilliant product!
Absolutely recommendable



5 / 5

I have severe eczema on my hands that prevents me from doing my job properly. I ordered the gloves and they feel great, cooling and soft. Very comfortable to wear. It feels like a bandage around my hands.
I also suffer from Lichen Sclerosis and it's important that I wear extremely soft fabrics with my underwear. The pants look nice with the ruffles at the top and cool the affected skin. Wonderfully comfortable to wear and less sore skin.

5 / 5 

Amazing Product! I am suffering from severe itch and painful eczema on my hands and fingers. Every inner and outer joint on my fingers is cracked and will bleed when I bend my fingers. No amount of lotions, cream, or steroids applied to my hands works. But after using Tepso for a week, the cracks on my fingers are greatly reduced! The cracks are healing. I wear these gloves to bed after applying my regular hand cream (no steroid), the very same hand cream which previously did not work. So I know it must be the gloves that helped my skin absorbed the cream into my desert-dry hands. I have previously used cotton gloves prior to this but Tepso gloves fit better and I like how it is weaved out into shape instead of those regular cut-and-sew-type patterns. The first time I put my hands in the gloves I'm surprised at how comfortable and cool it felt and I love the feel of it. My hands and fingers are now recovering and I will be continuing this miracle bedtime regime. Thank you Tepso!

P.K. Berlin.

5 / 5

We are very happy with these gloves.
They fit very well and are very comfortable, do not slip down like cotton gloves.
The gloves are great for skin problems (eczema, allergy etc...) to wear during the day and also overnight.
Highly recommended.

Greetings from Berlin



5.0 of 5 stars

Recommendable products!

I can highly recommend tepso products to neurodermatitis sufferers. The fabric is smooth and feels pleasant on the skin. It has a slightly cooling effect. The gloves prevent scratching. My tip to tepso would be: gloves without fingertips. Because neurodermatitis sufferers sometimes need "protection" during the day and the gloves are good for protecting wounded skin.



5.0 of 5 stars Long search


With neurodermatitis you sometimes wake up in the morning and you are totally scratched. The normal cotton gloves on the other hand are well suited, but they wear out too quickly and one loses them too quickly. Not these special gloves.
After a few nights of testing them now, I am thrilled. The inside of the glove is very smooth, so you hardly feel the glove. I can also confirm the cooling effect described in previous recessions. The outer side of the glove feels a bit more structured, but when you get lost in thought, it brings a certain "relief" without "damaging" the skin too much. In addition, the gloves at the fingertips are well reinforced so that if the scratching is unconsciously stronger when sleeping, the skin does not become bloody ( sorry for the choice of words, that's the way it is ). Granted, the price is enormous, but extremely well invested!



5.0 of 5 stars relief for hand eczema


Help and relief - They have been a great help with my acute hand eczema. I wore them at night over thickly creamed hands. They are very smooth and cool and therefore very pleasant on the affected skin. The hands were protected at night and could recover. Top quality, workmanship and material. Like new even after repeated washing.
Can also be worn well during the day for protection in the office / typing on the PC is also possible (a little slower).
I would buy and recommend it again and again.


-Tepso customer:

5.0 of 5 stars Contributes to well-being
They are very comfortable to wear and cool at the same time. You notice that the cream stays where it is and that it really has time to absorb into the skin.
I have always washed them by hand after every 2nd application. I am still very satisfied with them and would definitely buy them again... a 2nd pair would not have been bad at that time.

Manfred Sowa

5.0 of 5 stars Contributes to well-being


Wear it occasionally during my chemotherapy because it hits my skin very hard and it is uncomfortable to touch different things. The cream can also work well at any time without me having to sit idly for so long. My gloves are rather half a size too small but that's the way I want them because they fit tightly and I can work well with them. Wear them even under rubber gloves when cleaning.


3.0 of 5 stars I had hoped for more


As already other customers determined, the fingers are unfortunately too short, also for a normal young person with 14 years. Unfortunately one can scratch oneself also wonderfully with it, the outside is then nevertheless too rough. Then also a ten-pack of cotton gloves is enough for a third of the price. Brings the same result.


-Tepso Customer

5.0 of 5 stars Cooling made easy.


The gloves feel very good and cool the hands. I am completely satisfied. Perfect against itching at neurodermatitis.



4.0 of 5 stars Pleasant to wear, too short fingers/too small


The product looks good - no seams. Pleasantly cool to wear.


-Sylli 2011
2,0 of 5 stars Unfortunately only hand wash


I bought these gloves because I suffer from the hand-foot syndrome as a side effect of chemotherapy. Put some cream on my hands and put them on the gloves, at first a pleasant cooling effect, but of course it doesn't last, but logically it can't. One has a relatively good sense of touch with this glove.
But star deduction: So if you have skin problems on your hands, you should avoid contact with water if possible.
In my opinion, hand washing is out of question for hygienic reasons.
The glove itself is actually top. The fit is a bit smaller, but that is no problem.
Unfortunately this article will go back and the search will have to continue.



5,0 of 5 stars SOMETHING FOR Hands


Super gloves. Cream stays on the skin and does not absorb into the glove. I have already ordered a second pair.


5.0 of 5 stars Pleasant and practical

Since I can't touch everything or not much without hurting myself, these gloves are really great! Don't stand out like the cotton gloves and are pleasantly cool for psoriasis.


4.0 of 5 stars Good

Good quality flawless delivery

-Tepso Customer
5.0 of 5 stars Protects well

As a woman with small hands, I have chosen size S, which means that the material can be stretched a lot. Yes, that is correct, but I still have the feeling that the gloves do not fit properly in the area between the fingers because they are too small. I would have better taken a size bigger. But it is ok and not very disturbing. I use the gloves at night because I scratch a lot and the thicker the gloves the less you hurt yourself. I have never taken them off unconsciously at night and they feel comfortable. The waistband is also such that it does not disturb or constrict or is uncomfortable.

-Merry B.
4,0 of 5 stars Great gloves with good quality


In short: I like the gloves very much. They are comfortable to wear.

The gloves are mainly black on the outside and have silver threads through them. It is quite soft, but uncomfortable to touch with rough palms. At the bottom of the edge and the complete inside is finished with Tepso threads, which also have a kind of protective layer. So the gloves are really comfortable to wear and can be put on and taken off easily.
The manufacturer has tried to work with hidden seams if possible. When wearing the gloves you don't notice that there are still thread ends inside. I only noticed it because I turned the gloves inside out to check the seams and the workmanship. The gloves do not smell.

When I put the gloves on after the cream, the cream stays where I want it. Since the gloves are pleasantly firm on the skin, nothing slips. They are also a great help for me, especially at night, because I don't hurt myself further when itching.

I deliberately waited twenty days to see how the cream gets along with the fibers and what the washing behavior is like. I only wore the gloves at night and in the morning I simply rinsed them out in lukewarm water. But every 5 days I washed them properly with soap. Neither the fibers nor the protective layer showed any change.

I was shocked by the price, but it was justified by the quality of the gloves alone. Besides, it is not a product which is produced in large quantities and therefore will be a bit more expensive in production.

I definitely recommend it to others and hope that it will soon be available for children.

I was offered the product for free or reduced for a product test.

5.0 of 5 stars Jutta


Great gloves at Psoriaris

I have had psoriaris (psoriasis) on my hands and feet for years. And I apply cream to my hands several times a day, otherwise they will burst open. Until now I have used cotton gloves, but it was always the case that the cream was absorbed by the gloves. This does not happen with the Tepso gloves! That's really the great thing, you put the cream on your hands and then you notice and see when you take off the glove that the cream is absorbed into the skin and is not in the glove. The gloves are very soft, so there is no friction with the skin, it does not irritate the skin and it feels very comfortable. The wearing comfort is super pleasant. I am really enthusiastic.

Conclusion: I can only recommend the Tepso gloves to every psoriaris patient!

I have received the Tespo gloves discount/free of charge from the manufacturer. I am writing this review voluntarily and objectively, I am not obliged or forced to write a review. I am writing this review only to share my experience with other customers.


-Miss Cleo
5.0 of 5 stars SUPER - For contact allergies!

Review from 22. February 2021

For 15 years I have been suffering from a contact allergy, which I have to treat with cortisone ointment depending on the severity of the outbreak. I have already tried some gloves, but so far my experiences have been rather negative. That's why I chose these gloves from TEPSO, hoping to have found the right ones for me this time.

Now I've been using these gloves for my housework for several weeks and I'm completely thrilled!
The worry that I would suffer from an intolerance to this material was completely unnecessary. The ointment can be absorbed by my hands without anything leaking out. Apparently, the gloves are permeable to air, because no matter what the activity, my hands hardly sweat.

The workmanship of the gloves is flawless, an unpleasant smell did not occur to me. In the ordered size "S" the gloves fit me like a glove without an unpleasant feeling of tension between my fingers.
The compatibility is fabulous for my hands, neither itching nor blushing appeared this time. The optimal fit is only perfect after 2-3 times of wearing the gloves, then it can happen that you forget to take them off again ;-)

I have finally found my perfect gloves for me.

I will gladly recommend these gloves without hesitation.







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