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Prescribed by hospital dermatology departments

Eczema & psoriasis clothing, Tepso®

A revolutionary new product for eczema and psoriasis patients.

Tepso®, an invaluable ally for medical therapy.

Thanks to the use of a new zero-friction techno-fibre previously unknown in the clothing sector, Tepso brings together a series of unique and revolutionary characteristics: an immediate sensation of coolness;

• substantial reduction of skin irritation due to the extraordinary slipperiness of tepso fabrics;
• high levels of breathability;
• comfort and wellbeing for the wearer;
• attention to detail: seams and labels do not come into contact with the skin;
• it does not absorb creams or ointments, optimising use even after frequent washes;
• easy-care and maintenance: stains and oil spots can be removed more easily than on traditional fabrics, even at low temperatures;
• much longer-lasting than traditional garments, thanks to its special hardwearing and resistant properties.

Tepso®, Superior comfort through revolutionary fiber technology

Less skin friction, smoother than silk, antibacterial fibre, clothing does not get dirty from creams, clothing does not tear, unique soothing coolness effect on skin.

Especially sensitive skin, itching and even pain are the best known and most tormenting symptoms of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, eczema. If you also suffer from a form of psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, eczema, chances are that you are unfortunately all too familiar with this.

Here at Tepso® eczema clothing and Tepso® psoriasis clothing we would like to make your everyday life a lot easier in the future. With Tepso® eczema gloves, eczema clothing and Tepso® psoriasis clothing, you can once again wear the clothing that you like, without nuisance skin friction.

Tepso® eczema gloves have much less friction than cotton gloves for eczema. Tepso® gloves also act as cooling gloves for eczema because the unique "sensory cooling" effect of the Tepso® fiber. It cools the eczema skin for more comfort.

Especially good wearing comfort and a definite improvement in your well-being!

We have a whole range of products i.e.: Eczema clothing - Eczema clothing adults - Eczema gloves - Psoriasis gloves.

The small version of the eczema gloves from Tepso® might also be used as children's eczema gloves. The Tepso® eczema gloves can be used together with eczema cream. The eczema cream does not effect the Tepso® eczema glove because of the special technology of the Tepso® fiber. The Tepso® eczema glove does not absorb the eczema cream. Therfore users find that they often use less eczema cream than you are used to. The Tepso® eczema gloves do not become all moist with eczema cream while using them.

The Tepso® eczema gloves can be washed and worn easily many times because the fibre is more durable than cotton gloves for eczema, silk gloves for eczema and linen.

But how does Tepso® actually work?

The acting mechanism of Tepso® textiles for eczema and psoriasis:

Especially sensitive skin, itching and even pain are the best known and most tormenting symptoms of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis or eczema. If you also suffer from a form of psoriasis or atopic dermatitis or eczema, chances are that you are unfortunately all too familiar with this.

Here at Tepso®, however, we would like to make your everyday life a lot easier in the future. With Tepso® eczema clothing, you can once again wear the clothing that you like, without nuisance skin friction.

Eczema cream or psoriasis cream can be washed out easy and the Tepso® fabric does not tear or get dirty. It provides a proven eczema treatment, sspecially good wearing comfort and a definite improvement of your well-being. But how does Tepso® actually work? We will briefly explain this below.

What kind of material is Tepso®?

The yarn for the Tepso® textiles for eczema clothing and psoriasis clothing of Tepso® is produced in Austria. Tepso® is a very compact fiber with a very high density.

The material is biocompatible and therefore also used in medicine, including heart valves.

The fabric is extremely smooth and thereby slippery to avoid skin friction as far as possible.

This is also expressed in its extremely small friction coefficient. For comparison, the friction coefficients of other common materials are shown in further detail

As you can see below, the skin friction is much lower in Tepso® material than with all other textiles. This is the special feature of the material. Viewing different materials under microscope shows how smooth Tepso® fibres are compared to other fibres:

Atopic Dermatitis – relief in sight

Atopic dermatitis, also called eczema is a chronic, non-contagious skin disease that is one of the atopic diseases. Other names for the disease are chronic constitutional eczema, asthma eczema and prurigo Besnier.

The main symptoms are red, scaly, sometimes oozing eczema on the skin and severe itching. The disease comes in flares and has an individual appearance, dependent on age.

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is considered not curable, but is treatable. Treatment consists mainly of the treatment of the characteristic skin dryness and the topical use of anti-inflammatory agents. Tepso® Textiles with low friction are an ideal addition.


Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a common disease in industrialized countries. 5-20% of children and 1-3% of adults are affected by the disease. For about 60% of those affected, the disease occurs in the first year, at 90% by the fifth year. In some cases the symptoms lessen with age and disappear with the onset of puberty.

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is observed more and more frequently. Compared to the mid-20th century the frequency of occurrence is now assumed to be four to six times higher. The reasons are not clearly established. Possible causes are allergies, changed living conditions and improved hygiene (hygiene hypothesis).

Cause of disease

The causes of atopic dermatitis or eczema are not yet fully understood. Experts believe the complex pathological process to be a combination of genetic factors, immunological changes and environmental influences.

Symptoms and signs are

  • sensitive skin
  • itching
  • susceptibility to allergies
  • strong reaction to certain food
  • skin irritation from clothing


Diverse causes result in diverse treatments. Because of the different factors playing a role, parallel application individually tailored to the patient's needs should be considered. Not all treatment approaches have the same effect on everybody. Some methods that have a soothing effect on one person can worsen the disease for others.

The treatment of atopic dermatitis or eczema depends on the course of the disease and is adapted to the severity of the symptoms. Possibly treatments must be repeatedly recombined or changed, since it may happen that the skin reacts differently to a previously well-received type of treatment. Discontinuation of treatment and its replacement may be necessary.

The daily basic care of the barrier function of the skin to stabilize it against irritation and penetration of allergens. Depending on the condition of the skin usually lotions and ointments are used. Their composition depends on the current skin condition: Mostly oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions are used for very dry skin. Another possibility for moisturizing the skin are oil baths.

The irradiation with high-dose UV light can, through the anti-inflammatory effect, lead to relief and allow temporary healing.

And with Tepso® eczema clothing from  made from high quality Tepso® material, you can ensure that your treatment progresses optimally and fashionable clothing no longer needs to be off limits for you. Look at the numerous options in our webshop and try it.

What are the benefits of Tepso® eczema clothing and Tepso® psoriasis clothing?

The benefits of textiles made from Tepso® material are very varied and help you so that you at least don’t always have to feel your psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, eczema or the psoriasis. We selected four different approaches for textiles:

Tepso® “skin protector”

Textiles from this line are so thin that you barely feel them on your body. This is intended, for the shirts and light pants are worn under normal clothing to protect the skin against friction. So you can wear what you want and nonetheless do not have to fear skin irritation. This is both emotionally and physically good for you.

Tepso® “skin active”

This is the foundation for underwear and leisure wear. In combination with the very low friction, the actively breathing material ensures very high wearing comfort and maximum well-being.

Tepso® “skin comfort”

The clothing made from Tepso® “skin comfort” material consists of two layers. The inner layer offers the known benefits of Tepso® and thereby protects the skin against additional irritation due to friction. On the outside, a layer on twined cotton ensures additional comfort.

Tepso® “bed”

Bedding on Tepso® “bed” material is the answer to sleepless nights with itching and pain for all persons affected by psoriasis or atopic dermatitis / eczema. A layer of Tepso® material is worked into the inside, while the outside ensures suitable well-being during sleep with cotton.

The four variants are worked into numerous garments by us to offer you a pleasant wearing sensation at all times - despite psoriasis or atopic dermatitis / eczema. The following benefits also should not be missed:

  • Freshness effect when getting dressed;
  • Little friction on the skin;
  • Spots from salves and ointments are easily washed out;
  • Maintains a stable shape even after numerous washes ;
  • Long service life.

Do you have psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis and are you looking for solutions? Even though the disorder cannot be cured yet, the effects can be relieved.

Tepso® eczema clothing and Tepso® psoriasis clothing are a major help in this regard!

Study: proven effect of Tepso® psoriasis clothing and Tepso® eczema clothing

The medical efficacy of textiles for eczema cloting and psoriasis clothing is often ascribed merely to advertising effects. Tepso® psoriasis clothing and Tepso® eczema clothing, however, have a proven effect as our products have already been the object of a randomised study.

The study shows that socks with Tepso® give improvement in the disorder compared to wearing normal cotton socks. The study aimed to show whether wearing Tepso® socks result in an improvement of the disease compared to normal cotton socks.

The result is clear. The average lesions reduction rate is 42.6% with Tepso® and only 2.7% with cotton. The pathological condition is also judged significantly better. Furthermore, the overall satisfaction increases in daily life.

Study: Tepso® Compared

Patients with psoriasis pustulosa feel better with Tepso® psoriasis clothing, according to a medical study:

The medical efficacy of psoriasis clothing textiles is often ascribed merely to advertising effects. Tepso® psoriasis clothing is different as our products have already been the object of a randomised study. It was implemented on patients from the Dermatology Department at the Prato General Hospital, the Dermatology Department of the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, and the Dermatology Department of the San Raffaele in Milan, together with other Italian clinics. The study was to show whether socks with Tepso® would bring about an improvement in the disorder compared to wearing normal cotton socks.

How was the improvement to be measured?

Each of the study participants received 10 pairs of socks, of which one was made from normal cotton, and one from Tepso® fibre (polytetrafluorethylene). The following parameter was specified as the improvement marker:

  1. Percentile reduction of lesions after 4 weeks (primary);
  2. Physician’s assessment of lesion severity by a 6-point scale of the PGA;
  3. Assessment of pathological state by the patient;
  4. Effects on everyday life;
  5. Overall satisfaction as a tendency to one of the two socks.

In this manner, the intent was not only to determine whether the lesions could be relieved by less friction. The makers of the study also wanted to find out whether patient well-being would improve.

The results give reason for hope

The study showed some interesting results:

  • The average lesion reduction rate is 42.6 % with the Tepso® fibre and only 2.7 % with cotton.
  • Patients assess the average pathological state as 29.2 % better with Tepso®.
  • The assessments of the effects on daily life were also stated with an average improvement of 12.5%.
  • The improvement in overall satisfaction was stated with a median parameter of 20% in favour of Tepso®.

Fundamentally, it can therefore be noted that the well-being of patients with psoriasis or atopic dermatitis or eczema can be significantly improved in part by using adapted textiles. Furthermore, a statistically significant difference in the effects on lesion size was found between cotton socks and Tepso® socks.

Overall, it can be noted that suitable psoriasis clothing from Tepso® can help you rebuild a sense of positive well-being despite psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, eczema. Use this option of Tepso® psoriasis clothing or Tepso® eczema clothing!

Click here for Study Dermatology about Tepso®

Psoriasis – a tormenting companion

Psoriasis is a skin disorder which can, however, also affect joints, the heart and the metabolism of human beings. You are not alone as a person affected by psoriasis, for studies assume that approx. 2-3% of the European population suffer from this illness.

But where does psoriasis come from, and what can be done about it? In this advisory guide, we would like to inform you about the causes of psoriasis and effective therapies, so that you can have a beautiful and fulfilled life despite the disorder. Tepso® textiles for eczema clothing and psoriasis clothing play an important role in achieving this goal.

Causes of psoriasis - inheritance as the main reason

The main reason for psoriasis can be found in inheritable factors. According to a study by the Robert-Koch-Institut [Robert Koch Institute]  approx. 30-40% of all affected persons stated that relatives were also affected. It is generally even assumed that the disorder is inherited more strongly via the father. Furthermore, there are a series of so called triggering factors which can lead to an outbreak of the disorder together with the inherited predisposition.

  1. Persistent skin irritation due to close fitting clothing or scratching;
  2. Disorders of the metabolism or hormonal balance;
  3. Stress;
  4. Overweight;
  5. Alcohol consumption and smoking;
  6. Various infectious disorders;
  7. Skin injuries;
  8. Medications (beta blockers, interferones, ACE inhibitors).

These factors are meanwhile seen as causes in combination with genetic predisposition. In some cases, however, it is not clear whether e.g. alcohol consumption or also overweight do not actually represent consequences of psoriasis. After all, the disorder is very emotionally burdening and can lead affected persons to desperation.

What can be done about psoriasis?

Therapy options regarding psoriasis are very varied today and also depend on the progression form and type of psoriasis.

Fundamentally, however, we must note that up to now, no therapy which fights psoriasis at its root has been discovered. All current approaches aim to relieve the symptoms. Whatever you try, it leaves the skin vulnerable, Tepso® textiles are the perfect match for all kinds of treatment.

Good skin care as the basis of treatment

As a person affected by psoriasis, it is highly likely that you have very dry skin.

Generally skin care which is not at the bottom of the scale in terms of fat content is recommended.

Depending on the extent of the disorder, the fat and oil shares can also be further increased. Urea is also repeatedly recommended as a moisturising active substance.

Cleaning should not take very long, since those who shower or bathe very long withdraw more fat from their skin and prevent sufficient moisture from being stored.

Tip: Only blot the skin cautiously after washing, and don’t rub too hard. Otherwise, the skin is additionally irritated, and psoriasis may come out more quickly and strongly.

Ointments are of major significance in psoriasis

Aside from ointment bandages with lactic acid, urea or salicylic acid, other products can also be applied to affected skin regions:

  • Dithranol (also possible as minute therapy now);
  • Calcipotriol, tacalcitol and calcitriol (against inflammation);
  • Cortisone ointments (only briefly, in combination with Vitamin D)

You should explore the various options in this regard and try which therapy works best in you. Tepso® textiles grant you the advantage of not sticking to the ointments or lesions.

Medications for severe progression forms

If external use does not bring success, there are various medications which are used in combination with other therapy options. This includes so called Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) which slow cell growth and accelerate scale removal. Since psoriasis shows itself in especially rapid growth of skin cells, successes were certainly obtained with retinoids. Women of childbearing age should not use such a therapy, since this signifies additional risks for any pregnancy. If you nonetheless choose the therapy in such a situation, contraception should be ensured.

Another option consists of immunosuppressant medications such as methotrexate, cyclosporin or fumaric acid ester, with which successes against psoriasis were already obtained.

Phototherapy as a supplementary measure

Phototherapy is based on UV light and actually relieves the complaints in many cases. Such therapy is often done in combination with salt baths, which rapidly detach the scales. Herein, corresponding UV radiation can be suitably generated by the sun or special UV lamps. Solariums, on the other hand, use different wavelengths and are therefore not suitable for phototherapy. Suitable conditions can also be found in nature; however, this requires a trip to the Dead Sea.

Note: If you sunbathe yourself, you should absolutely avoid sunburns. These can rapidly worsen the progression of the illness!

Removal of the tonsils as a therapeutic option

In certain cases, the same disturbed T cells are found in the tonsils as in the skin areas affected by psoriasis. In such cases, it can actually make sense to have the tonsils removed. If other therapy forms don’t help you sufficiently, you should ask your doctor for a corresponding diagnosis. You can jointly explore whether tonsil removal would make sense in your specific case.

Psychological treatment approaches

Psoriasis is often associated with severe emotional problems for affected persons. One feels disfigured, and one’s own feeling of self-worth drops significantly. However, this emotional stress specifically worsens the illness again. For this reason, psychological treatments such as behavioural therapy or psychoanalysis can help to relieve these symptoms, and thereby, also control the psoriasis again. Furthermore, as an affected person, you can use relaxation exercises to ensure that you can meet everyday life with greater strength.

Even though there is no therapy yet which treats the causes of psoriasis, treatment options are highly varied today. New medications are already being developed, such as the inhibition of T lymphocytes or inflammation messengers in the affected skin areas to better suppress the disorder.


For many affected persons, becoming ill with psoriasis is not only a shock, but often a long path of suffering as well. If you are affected by a special form such as psoriatic arthritis or pustulous psoriasis, everything is even more difficult. But with good skin care and customised therapy options, you can get a grip on your symptoms.

And with textiles for the Tepso® psoriasis clothing made from high quality Tepso® material, you can ensure that your treatment progresses optimally and fashionable clothing no longer needs to be off limits for you. Look at the numerous options, and try it!

Source header image: By User:Assianir - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25315201



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